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Status: Looking For 60's BBC Stuff, Partially Complete

About Me[edit | edit source]

I Love The 20th Century, But Sadly Due To The Lack Of Proper Archival And Preservation, Many TV Shows And Films From This Period Remain Lost. I Pledge My Allegiance To The Lost Media Wiki And The Proper Preservation And Archival Of TV, Film, Video Game, Photographic And Animation Material.

My Projects[edit | edit source]

I Work Hard To Find (Or At Least Replicate) Lost Material, Here Are My Current Projects.

Doctor Who[edit | edit source]

The Original Run Of Doctor Who Aired From 23rd November 1963-6th December 1989 (26 Years!), The Missing Episodes Of This Show Are All From Seasons 1-6, Including The First Two Doctors (William Hartnell And Patrick Troughton). There Are 26 Serials With Missing Episodes With A Total Of 97 Episodes Missing From The Entire Run.

The Stories I Most Want To Be Recovered Are:

First Doctor (1963-1966):

  • Marco Polo (Missing 7 Out Of 7)
  • Mission To The Unknown (Missing 1 Out Of 1)
  • The Daleks Master Plan (Missing 9 Out Of 12)
  • The Tenth Planet (Missing 1 Out Of 4)

Second Doctor (1966-1969):

  • The Power Of The Daleks (Missing 6 Out Of 6)
  • The Moonbase (Missing 2 Out Of 4)
  • The Macra Terror (Missing 4 Out Of 4)
  • The Web Of Fear (Missing 1 Out Of 6)
  • Fury From The Deep (Missing 6 Out Of 6)

Where Could They Be? Singapore, Hong Kong Or In A Private Collection.

Adam Adamant Lives![edit | edit source]

Adam Adamant Lives! Ran For Only 2 Seasons, In 1966 And 1967 Respectively. Series 1 Has 1 Missing Episode Out Of 16 Total Episodes, Sadly Series 2 Is Missing 11 Out Of 13 Episodes, With Two Surviving Episodes (Black Echo And A Sinister Sort of Service), An Audio Only Episode (The Basardi Affair) And A 4 Minute Extract From A Slight Case Of Reincarnation.

The Missing Episodes Are:

  • Ticket to Terror (Series 1, Episode 14 - Photo Available)
    The Only Photo Of Ticket to Terror (Series 1, Episode 14)
  • A Slight Case of Reincarnation (Series 2, Episode 1 - Audio Extract Available)
  • Conspiracy of Death (Series 2, Episode 3)
  • The Basardi Affair (Series 2, Episode 4 - Audio Available)
  • The Survivors (Series 2, Episode 5)
  • Face in a Mirror (Series 2, Episode 6)
  • Another Little Drink (Series 2, Episode 7)
  • Death Begins at Seventy (Series 2, Episode 8)
  • Tunnel of Death (Series 2, Episode 9)
  • The Deadly Bullet (Series 2, Episode 10)
  • The Resurrectionists (Series 2, Episode 11)
  • Wish You Were Here (Series 2, Episode 12)

The Avengers[edit | edit source]

No, Not The Avengers You're Thinking Of, This Show Has Nothing To Do With The Marvel Superhero Team. The Avengers Was An ITV Spy-Fi (Spy-Fiction) Show That Ran From 7th January 1961-21st May 1969 Before Being Brought Back As The New Avengers In 1976. The Missing Episodes Are All From Series 1 (1961). The Only Surviving Material From Series 1 Is The First Act Of Hot Snow (Episode 1), Girl on the Trapeze (Episode 6), The Frighteners (Episode 15) And Tunnel of Fear (Episode 20), The Rest Remains Lost.

See The Wikipedia Article On Avengers Episodes (Series 1)

Want To Help?[edit | edit source]

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