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Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels (Original Cut)

Do you have any proof that the cut is real, that's not changing the status without proof of it's existence?

Comedyfan74 I've been finding information about it from youtubers that i helped last year and i start investigating. i even talk to SiForums and Fansite!,i message and they say it's in Mattel's archives, We don't have access to it and we've never seen the full cut. meet me on twitter used name is Dejan Weaver loves lost Media

-Did Mattel say it's in their archives?

-Comedyfan74these are the people who did interviews and Work with mattel so yeah and i found more information about it this was back in Dec 21 2018. it say Original Day of the Diesels cut has never been released, it's likely to be gathering dust in HIT's vaults, but all we know about it is through word of mouth and a few visuals that have surfaced online ahead of release.

If anything major comes up, we'll do a feature on it.

-Did Mattel THEMSELVES say it's in their archives?