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Why u remove my post. I really want to watch that show. - LifeOfBrandon18

So um why was my post deleted?

The article merely contained references and didn't conform to our standards here, I recommend for future article creation you have the information typed down and not just the references -Smith

I'm sorry but could at least part of the article, minus the reference list, be restored? I honestly did the best I could and the instructions for how to make pages is cyclopean.

Sorry but I cant only restore part of the article, even then the references would still need to be included as we can't have articles that lack any references or sources on the matter at hand. I appreciate you doing your best and hope you continue to do so, I could restore the article that said if you promise to fix up the issues I listed in the deletion log however. Incidentally please also clarify what article you're referring to as I do tend to delete numerous ones on a regular basis. - Smith