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Why u remove my post. I really want to watch that show. - LifeOfBrandon18

So um why was my post deleted?

The article merely contained references and didn't conform to our standards here, I recommend for future article creation you have the information typed down and not just the references -Smith

I'm sorry but could at least part of the article, minus the reference list, be restored? I honestly did the best I could and the instructions for how to make pages is cyclopean.

Sorry but I cant only restore part of the article, even then the references would still need to be included as we can't have articles that lack any references or sources on the matter at hand. I appreciate you doing your best and hope you continue to do so, I could restore the article that said if you promise to fix up the issues I listed in the deletion log however. Incidentally please also clarify what article you're referring to as I do tend to delete numerous ones on a regular basis. - Smith

Oh yes, I was referring to the article "Cartoon Lost and Found". I understand it's very messy, I never made one before but this seems like a genuine lost piece of media with an interesting element or two. I can fix the references list easily enough. One problem I did have was that no matter how I made the title it would always screw up, so maybe this could help I guess? If non-wikipedia references are all thats allowed I could, I figure, easily find other references, and the rest of the information checks out completely. I did genuine research, almost nothing there was speculation save for a few bits and pieces, I have no idea of if it was a one-off special or a discarded pilot for example (I assume the latter, frankly, due to some dialogue but I have no way to confirm that so I just said it could be either). Also everything I said was directly referenced in the YouTube video I linked to, which contains, as far as I know, the only evidence of "Cartoon Lost and Found" existing. I searched the web and found literally ZERO evidence besides that, my memories, and the recollections of a few other people I spoke to--I may have a VHS myself of the entire movie, but in all honesty it would take at minimum months to find due to how many VHS tapes I have (I have a hoarding disorder) and so literally everything I wrote on that article, again, was completely accurate, not embellished and confirmed by the evidence at hand--that includes quotes, such as Adam West referencing it was a cook book, and some lines from the two commercials/promos. I worded it as clearly and without bias as I could, again including direct quotes from the linked videos. If the reference list was the main problem I would have no issue whatsoever in fixing it. If the title card was the problem...I honestly tried to fix that at least half a dozen times, I could never get it to take for some reason, so I would perhaps need help but I'm more than open.

My name is That Gaming Asshole, by the way, I keep forgetting to mention that sorry.

Very well, I will undelete the article if you promise to brush up the reference list as well as the writing for it, if it needs more work but isnt "bad" to warrant deletion, I will then simply stick a needing work tag on it. If the article however isnt up to our standards, as you can see by looking at our featured articles, then I'm afraid I will have to delete it again- Smith

Thank you, I'll get to working on it! ThatGamingAsshole

Ok so, I changed all of the references as much as I could, none use Wikipedia links anymore. I had to use IMDB as a source for some of the references because honestly some of these things are so obscure or old no other credible source exists. I cleared up some things I thought may have sounded odd before, but I want to just stress that NOTHING in that article is my opinion, or biased, or in any way untrue--a glance at the videos included such as the promo or the part of the show that has been found shows that I was literally quoting characters and descriptions FROM THE SHOW and I did as much research as possible. There is zero evidence this existed, beyond those videos, on any other site and IMDB has nothing, however as you see physical evidence exists, so regardless everything I said there was true and a lot of it was direct quotes or descriptions of on-screen imagery. The only partial "speculation" was mention of if it was a pilot or a one-off special, because I have no idea one way or the other, so I said it may be both. ThatGamingAsshole