Voodoo Heartbeat (partially found horror film; 1973)

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Theatrical Poster.

Status: Partially Found

Voodoo Heartbeat (aka The Sex Serum of Dr. Blake) is a 1973 exploitation Horror film from writer/director Charles Nizet.


Voodoo Heartbeat is about an experimental youth serum that transforms a rogue scientist into a fanged beast out for blood.

The movie was shot in ATF Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada.[1]

Back in 1972, the president of the (now defunct) TWI International, Robert Saxton, announced that Mike Zapata, one of the actors in the movie, was going to be the top star of the motion picture and television mediums in a couple of years, but as of 2018, this was his only film role. He also mentioned making the sequel, Dr. Blake's Revenge, with Ray Molina Productions,[2] but this had fallen through overtime.


The movie is currently lost, and not available to purchase through VHS or DVD. In 2013, a forum member going by the name Paul Haight embedded two minutes of footage from Voodoo Heartbeat that has since been deleted from YouTube.[3] Only a few still images, newspaper ads, and promotional posters can be seen.


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