WWDC 2002 (partially found recording of Apple keynote presentation; 2002)

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs presents a mock funeral for Mac OS 9 at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference in 2002.

Status: Partially Found

WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) is an annual conference held by Apple. The week-long event includes hands-on labs with Apple employees, educational sessions, and networking opportunities for fellow Mac and iOS developers.

The conference is better known among more casual tech enthusiasts for its opening keynote, which kicks things off with major software and product announcements. In particular, past keynotes presented by former CEO Steve Jobs throughout his tenure have been celebrated because of Jobs' charisma, his highly focused presentation style, and the element of surprise that was often deployed.[1] For this reason, broadcast recordings of his keynotes are generally well-preserved online and have been viewed millions of times.

WWDC 2002 was held in San Jose, California from May 6th-10th. The major announcement at its opening keynote, delivered by Jobs, was a preview of the third major release for OS X, named Jaguar, and the end of development for "classic Mac OS". To that end, Jobs opened his presentation with a humorous mock funeral for Mac OS 9, complete with a full-size coffin, organ music, and a pre-written eulogy.[2]

Availability[edit | edit source]

As of 2021, a complete copy of the official broadcast by Apple cannot be found online, and it is unknown if anyone other than Apple itself has a copy. Apple's own Events podcast feed only goes back as far as 2007.[3]

An upload purporting to be WWDC 2002 was uploaded by AppleVideoArchive in 2011. However, many have pointed out that it is actually a recording of Macworld NY, which occurred months later.[4]

Two recordings of the mock funeral exist on YouTube. Both are audience recordings, one from an attendee and the other presumably from a separate news outlet.

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A clip of Steve Jobs' eulogy to Mac OS 9.

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