Weird Years (partially lost animated comedy series; 2006)

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Status: Partially found

Weird Years is an animated comedy by Lenz Entertainment and Mercury Filmworks that originally aired between November 6th 2006 and June 11th 2007.


The show centers around Donko Dorkovitch and his eccentric family from Kryobia as they deal with life and transition in North America.

The show takes a lighthearted look at adventures in the New World as seen through the eyes of some very strange people. Donko’s ancient mother Zozo, for example, has not, will not, and never will be accustomed to life in North America and thinks it's a stupid place full of crazy heathens with crazy habits. The Dorkovich family lives in the Labrador town of Happy Valley.


This show has not aired since 2007 and was not released on any home media, making it hard to find. However, parts of some episodes are available on Youtube, including "Infoodelity", "Home of the Driving Range", and "The Truth About Truth".