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Who Killed Captain Alex.jpg

The movie's poster.

Status: Partially Lost

Who Killed Captain Alex? is a 2010 Wakaliwood action film, produced and directed by Isaac Nabwana (AKA Nabwana I.G.G.). The film claims to be "Uganda's First Action Movie" and gained notoriety in late 2017 for its bizarre quality and a strange plot, along with the bizarre commentary given by a "video joker," a man who talks over the movie making jokes. The released cut of the film is not the original version, however, as the audio previously had no 'video joker'.

Loss of the Original Audio

As aforementioned, the film originally had no 'video joker' included. Nabwana had a passion for film, and therefore created many of them. Due to the low storage space on his computer, Nabwana was often forced to delete old films after he had distributed them in some form. The place where Nabwana lived (Wakaliga, a suburb just outside of Kampala, Uganda) also had many power outages, causing him to lose unsaved projects he had left open on his device.

According to the card that appears before the start of the movie, it was because Nabwana had deleted all his files that the original movie had gone missing. The copy he ended up releasing was sourced from a DVD, which happened to have his 'video joker' version, which was originally intended to be a special feature of sorts. It is unknown if he had intended to put that version on that particular DVD, but it was most likely a mistake.

Remnants of the Original Audio

The majority of the film does retain the original audio. The video joker in the movie only occasionally appears, mainly during the action scenes. Considering the conditions and events that had caused the film to go missing, the best way to retrieve the audio would most likely involve heavy editing to remove the commentary and extract the audio beneath it, if doing so is possible.


The released cut of the film.