Wii Obstacle Course (lost Wii tech demo; 2006)

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Wii Obstacle Course being shown at E3 2006.

Status: Lost

Wii Obstacle Course was a tech demo for the Nintendo Wii that was shown off at E3 2006. The demo was created to show off how the pointer on the Wii Remote can be used. In this case, two Mii characters being controlled by the pointers with the players having to carefully navigate through obstacles to get to the goal.[1]

The demo never received any kind of release in the form it was shown in. But judging from gameplay footage and images, it's safe to assume that the demo was turned into the "Pose Mii" minigame in Wii Play, which was released on December 2nd, 2006 in Japan, December 8th, 2006 in Europe, and February 12th, 2007 in North America.


Wii Obstacle Course at E3 2006.