Worst Intros On The Internet (partially found YouTube comedy series; 2015-2018)

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The thumbnail of Worst Intros On YouTube #62 *End Me. Most thumbnails looked like this. With a kid, the text worst intros, and a red arrow to get peoples attention, It lasted around 70 videos.

Status: Partially found

Comment: Some episodes re uploaded.


In 2015 Mr Beast started a series where he sits down, and criticises. A YouTube intro generally a Minecraft intro made by a child. Afterwards he says a comedic response. The titles follow a format that goes like this. Worst intros on YouTube # then a number, then a word placed in-between two asterisks, then generally a synonym for Extreme hatred towards the material. eg kill me, end me or cringe.

Running jokes He also has lots of running gags such as Bleach. E.G. " This intro is so bad, i am going to drink Bleach." Or he mentions how the intro made him lose brain cells. And claims that seeing a stock video of a explosion would bring back his brain cells. Another joke he has is, a sticker that he names, giant Asian sticker. Which is a oversized sticker on his wall that he makes talk, using text to speech. Later on in the series he introduced the old lady sticker. Which features an picture of an old lady using an inhaler. He also has a joke where he pretends to be a parent walking into there kids room. Then witnessing the intro. Then saying something along the lines of. " I am disowning you ", he also has a joke where smashes his computer. Generally a cheap dell laptop. Claiming he did it because the intro is just so bad. Another joke is him declaring war on paper intros. Which are intros when kids flail around paper with text on it making it hard to read. During that time he also had a joke when he asked his audience to run down the street shouting Mr Beast. He would then react to them on worst intros, after a while of this parents started complaining and asking questions, about why there kids where shouting Mr Beast. In response he told his audience to stop, and instead go into a crowded area and shout Mr Beast.

Side series. The now deleted Top 10 worst intros on worst intros on YouTube. A clip show of the worst of the worst intros. Worst thumbnails on YouTube still up. Similar to worst intros but he reacts to thumbnails. Worst banners on YouTube Same as worst thumbnails but with banners. Best intros on YouTube which is still up, he reacts to videos of the same quality as worst intros. But he sarcastically gives them an positive reaction.