X-Heart (partially found unreleased English dub of "X-Coração" Brazilian animated TV series; 2014)

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The English title card for the show

Status: Partially found

X-Coracao is a Brazilian animated series that debuted as a 5-part miniseries in 2007, airing first on Nickelodeon Latin America. In 2014, X-Coracao was picked up by Disney XD as a full series and premiered on the network in October 7th of that same year.

The show centers on the eponymous band and their daily lives. The members consist of Alex, a burger-flipper who serves as the vocalist and the guitarist; Sidnei, a womanizer Alex met on the internet who also serves as drummer; and the bassist Ze, who Alex met while travelling to meet Sidnei.

Sometime after the show came out, a New York-based dubbing company by the name of Audioworks Producers Group (also known for producing the English dub of the Korean cartoon Squirrel and Hedgehog) created an English dub of X-Coracao, renaming it to X-Heart.

While X-Coracao is easily available online in it's original language, the English dub has not been distributed or aired anywhere beyond a few clips that were previously on Audioworks' website before they were eventually taken down sometime in 2018.