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|title=<center>Zhanyin Lorra</center>
|imagecaption=Official art for Zhanyin Lorra.
|status=<span style="color:red;">'''Lost'''</span>
'''Zhanyin Lorra''' is a Mandarin Chinese voicebank that was announced for the VOCALOID3 singing synthesis software at the end of its lifetime. She was to be developed by SHANGHAI HEINAN for NetEase. Lorra was developed primarily for use in the game ZhanyinOL, an RPG where players use rhythm and music to battle.
==Lorra's Development==
On the thirteenth of July 2014, Lorra was teased as a new VOCALOID, alongside a pre-existing VOCANESE character. Later, on the fifteenth of August, a silhouette was revealed, revealing that the new voicebank would be female.
Lorra's design, name, and biography were later revealed on the 26th of that month<ref>[http://vocanese-fc.deviantart.com/journal/Zhanyin-Lorra-Name-and-Design-Revealed-8-26-14-478230290 Zhanyin Lorra Name and Design Revealed!]. DeviantArt. Retrieved May 13th, 2017.</ref>. On the same day, a contest was held for Lorra's voice provider, where four contestants appeared on-stage and performed, and fans were to vote for which contestant they liked the most on Lorra's website. The four contestants were Cǎo Mó Niè Jí, Guī Xiān Rén, Hán Líng Guǒ, and Xiǎo Lián Shā. On October 15th of that year, it was announced that Guī Xiān Rén was the winner of the contest, and began recording soon thereafter.
On the 20th of November, Guī Xiān Rén said she had finished recording for Zhanyin Lorra.
On the first of May 2015, VOCANESE attended the "YACA" event to remind everyone that the VOCANESE voicebank whose art had been shown beside Lorra was still in development. They were reviewed by a reporter and gave information about the aforementioned vocal, as well as Lorra. They said that, although SHANGHAI HEINAN was developing the Lorra voicebank, rights to the character belong to NetEase, so they would handle Lorra's marketing and release.
On the eighteenth of that month, Guī Xiān Rén, Lorra's voice provider talked about her voicebank. She said that her feelings were complex, but overall, she was very happy with the way it sounded and hoped that Lorra would be loved. She also said that she was very excited to see how fans would react upon Lorra's release<ref>[http://mysterious-eevee-of-the-mist.tumblr.com/post/119376566396/zhanyin-lorra Zhanyin Lorra]. mysterious-eevee-of-the-mist's Tumblr. Retrieved May 13th, 2017.</ref>. On the same day, Rén Xíng Tù, one of the developers of Lorra's voicebank said that the voicebank did not satisfy NetEase and that they needed to go back and fix it, causing Lorra to be delayed.
Sometime in February of 2016, VOCANESE, now Vsinger, confirmed that the person who had been responsible for the Zhanyin Lorra project had resigned from NetEase and was no longer interested in the project, and Lorra was canceled. Nothing has been heard about Lorra since, and it's unlikely that we ever will hear anything more.
{{#ev:youtube|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLj6v56opWw|320x240|center|Voicebank for UTAU made using misc. samples of Guī Xiān Rén's voice to see how Lorra may have sounded.|frame}}
[[File:Zhanyin Lorra Refsheet.jpg|345px|thumb|center|Lorra's design reference sheet which was uploaded soon after her cancellation.]]
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