Zoids (partially found various English pilot dubs of anime franchise; 2000s)

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Zoids (pilot dubs)
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Zoids is a mecha model kit line by Takara Tomy that originally debuted in 1982 and has since grown into a media franchise. Between 1999 and 2006, four anime adaptations aired in Japan on TV Tokyo: Zoids, Zoids: New Century/ZERO, Zoids Fuzors and Zoids Genesis.

The first three series received a western rollout, starting with the second entry retitled, Zoids, with the first coming afterwards as Zoids: Chaotic Century and the third debuting first in the west. The initial three series were localized into English by Viz Media, Hasbro and Sho-Pro USA. Voice work for the first two were handled by the Vancouver, Canada-based company Ocean Productions, with Zoids recorded locally and Chaotic Century done at their Calgary, Canada studio Bluewater. Fuzors was also recorded in Vancouver, though by a separate company, Voicebox Productions. An English adaptation of the fourth entry was produced in Los Angeles, USA but was only released in Asia.

Prior to these productions, English-language pilots were recorded in Japan on behalf of Shogakukan. The two series chosen were Zoids: New Century/ZERO and Zoids Fuzors. Peter von Gomm played Bit Cloud in the former and R.D. in the latter.[1] Michael Rys was the Judge in ZERO and Burton in Fuzors.[2][3]

To date, only a brief clip from Zoids/ZERO's pilot has surfaced.


Zoids/ZERO clip.

See also

  • Zoids Genesis - The final entry in the series received an English dub that was exclusively released in Asia and is now lost to time.


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