Zoom (found pilot of revival of 1972 PBS children's series; 1995)

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Zoom pilot logo.jpeg

The logo from the pilot.

Status: Partially Found

Zoom was a children's live-action TV series that originally ran on PBS and was produced by WGBH from 1972-1978, and ran a revival series from 1999-2005. The series consists of a group of children cast members that based on the idea they give, do a variety of types of experiments, games, skits and other miscellaneous activities.


In 1997, a pilot was developed to pitch the revival to the network. The pilot was developed by Kate Taylor that also produced the 1972 iteration of the show.[1] She also mentioned kids reacting positively to the pilot.[2] The National Science Foundation then endorsed it and donated a grant to Taylor to develop episodes for the show's reboot.


In 2017, YouTuber ZOOMfan1 uploaded two clips of the pilot that was sent to them by one of the cast members, Hayley after said user contacting her. Nothing much was changed from the final show aside from a different theme song and the test logo looked similar to the 1972 iteration of the show. Aside from that and a few screenshots, the rest of the pilot has yet to resurfaced as of 2021.

Cast Members

  • Enid
  • Marcus
  • Hayley
  • Esther Mira
  • Daniel
  • Georgina
  • Chad Nelson




A clip of the pilot.
Second clip of the pilot.

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