12 oz. Mouse (lost original pilot of Adult Swim animated comedy series; 2004)

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12 oz mouse logo.jpeg

The title card used for the first two seasons of the regular series.

Status: Lost

12 oz. Mouse is an American animated comedy and espionage television series created by Matt Maiellaro for Adult Swim. It is known for its simplistic art style and its increasingly complex story-line. The first two seasons originally aired from 2005 to 2006, with an additional webisode being released online as a finale in 2007. The series ultimately returned for a special in 2018 and an additional third season in 2020.

Original Pilot

12 oz. Mouse editor John Brestan briefly mentioned a lost early pilot in a 2021 interview with Corndog Central, a prominent fan website.

Brestan explained that only a few staff members were even aware of it. In this early pilot then-Adult Swim vice president Keith Crofford provided the voice for the character Golden Joe, and the character was to be the boss of the titular protagonist Mouse Fitzgerald (aka "Fitz"). In the main series the voice of Golden Joe was provided by Vishal Roney, and the character Shark briefly severed as Fitz's boss. Brestan laments the fact that he did not save the pilot in any way and it is now un-revertible making it completely lost.[1]

Another pilot, entitled "Hired," was produced for 12 oz. Mouse. "Hired" officially serves as the first episode of the series and it originally aired on June 19, 2005.


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