2 Stupid Dogs (partially found skits/bumpers of TBS animated series; 1993-1995)

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A screencap of the bird bumper, which is the only one currently known to be in circulation.

Status: Partially Found

2 Stupid Dogs is an animated TV series produced by Hanna-Barbera that aired on TBS as part of its "Sunday Morning In Front Of The TV" block, alongside in syndication as part of "The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera" block. The series revolves around the misadventures of two dogs who, as the name implies, lack any intelligence. The series contains two segments: The titular segment, which covers the first and third parts, with the second being filled in by "Super Secret Secret Squirrel", a reboot of the original Secret Squirrel series.

One of the most iconic scenes from the show is a short skit where Mr. Hollywood, a character in the Dogs segment, shouts at a bird for not whistling a tune the way he wants, which he attempts to demonstrate via a small piano. This scene is actually part of a series of bumpers that also feature the character, the rest of which have not seen the light of day since.


The bumpers, including the one with the bird, were originally aired in the series' original run, though it is unknown if they aired on TBS, or in syndication. The content of the other bumpers are unknown, except for a tidbit on a Facebook comment that reveals that Hollywood's name was mentioned on some of them[1]. However, they were discussed about on the Anime Superhero forum.

The bumpers were then brought up on the Lost Media Wiki forum by the user "peroyomas" on February 12, 2021, where they are mentioned alongside two other unrelated tidbits from the show that were also brought up on AS. Almost a year later, he would email the show's creator, Donovan Cook, regarding the three, of which he would respond by debunking one of the details, but also confirming the rest, including the Hollywood bumpers. According to the given information by the user, Cook believes that they might be somewhere in Warner Bros' vaults, but isn't sure where to start looking.


The bird bumper, which is currently the only one online.

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