AJR "Red Interview" (found audio interview of indie pop band; 2021)

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Image 2023-02-06 201940901.png

A screenshot from the video posted to Twitter.

Status: Found

Date found: 16 Sep 2023

Found by: JudahAnTheVinyl

AJR is an indie pop band of three brothers, Adam, Jack, and Ryan, who are known for songs such as "Bang!" and "World's Smallest Violin." Their third album, entitled Neotheater, placed first on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart.[1] On April 23rd, 2021, they posted their audio-only Red Interview. This is around the time their fourth album, OK Orchestra, was released.

There's hundreds if not thousands of AJR interviews available online, but none are as odd as this. Though the interview is hosted on a podcast site called omny.fm[2], the band was suspected to have taken it down, similarly to what they did to their album, Venture.

Interview Contents

The interview begins pretty normal, and while a few jokes are made, most of the beginning is fairly normal for an AJR interview. Towards the end of the interview, AJR is asked a series of questions in a 'Speed round' style. The most notable one being, "If you could switch bodies with a brother for a day, which brother would it be?" To this, Jack says "Go." and Ryan adds "and why." Jack then laughs and declares "Speed round!" Adam begins to answer the question, "Uh.. I would choose Ryan because he's the most muscular." Jack responds, "I would do.. uh Ryan so I could see what it's like to walk around- uh- in- uh the skin of someone who had it kinda hard in high school." After some laughing, Ryan begns. "Oh, God." Jack eggs him on, "Go, go for it." "Adam, big penis." Ryan responds. To this comment, all three brothers laugh. A clip of this had been posted to Twitter by user apatowimages.


On September 16th, 2023, a Twitter and Lost Media Wiki user, JudahAnTheVinyl, posted that he had found the interview. Posted to omny.fm, the 9 minute and 19 second interview in it's entirety, is found. According to a user on Twitter, the video is unable to be played unless the viewer is in The United States.


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