AJR "Red Interview" (found audio interview of indie pop band; 2021)

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Image 2023-02-06 201940901.png

A screenshot from the video posted to Twitter.

Status: Partially Found

AJR is an indie pop band of three brothers, Adam, Jack, and Ryan, who are known for songs such as "Bang!" and "World's Smallest Violin." Their third album, entitled Neotheater, placed first on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart.[1] In April of 2021, they posted their audio-only "Red Interview." This is around the time their fourth album, OK Orchestra, was released.

There's hundreds if not thousands of AJR interviews available online, but none are as odd as this. A handful of people claimed to have heard it in full, but it's still nowhere to be found. Though the interview was hosted on an unknown site, the band is suspected to have taken it down, similarly to what they did to their album, Venture.

Interview Contents

In the interview, AJR is asked "[If you could] be [another] brother for a day, which brother would it be?" To this, Jack says "Go." and Ryan adds "and why." Jack then laughs and declares "Speed round!" Adam begins to answer the question, "Uh.. I would choose Ryan because he's the most muscular." Jack responds, "I would do.. uh Ryan so I could see what it's like to walk around- uh- in the" Around this time is when the video stops working. The rest will be patched together from memory and may not be completely accurate. Continuing from where Jack left off, "shoes of someone who peaked in high school." Ryan hesitates as Jack eggs him on to say something, and eventually he blurts out "Adam, big penis." To this comment, all three brothers laugh. This is where the clip ends.


A small portion of it was posted to Twitter by user @apatowimages. Unfortunately, the recording lasts for only 37 seconds out of the 9 minutes and 19 seconds that was originally available.

People have described the full interview as being just as chaotic as it is in the short clip, which may be the reason for its initial takedown. Reverse image searching of the small logo in the right corner has come up empty, and the red image used as the background is used too frequently to have any meaningful results.