Action 52 (lost build of cancelled Super Nintendo port of unlicensed compilation game; existence unconfirmed; 1990s)

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Cover of the original NES version.

Status: Existence unconfirmed

Action 52 is an unlicensed game compilation consisting mostly of space shooters released in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A port to the Sega Genesis was released in 1993. This game compilation gained much notoriety for the poor quality of the games and due to being very expensive, costing $199.[1]

Along with these 2 versions, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System port was planned, but never released. This port was mentioned in an advertising sheet made to promote the game to any potential retailers.[2] The reason that the port was never released was unknown. It is speculated that the poor reception of the previous 2 versions is the reason why.


No copies of this port have been found. It is not even known if any prototypes were ever made, to begin with. In 1996 a warehouse containing games by Active Enterprises such as the cancelled sequel to Action 52 known as Cheetahmen II was found. No prototypes of this port were found inside this warehouse.[3]

Statements from people who were involved with the Action 52 series about the matter have been inconclusive. In an interview with Jay Obernolte, the president of FarSight Technologies who was also the director for the Genesis version mentions not working on the SNES version meaning Farsight was never commissioned to work on the port, although he does not specify why.[4] It is possible this is due to it being already cancelled before development could start, or the port was worked on by a different party.

On the other hand, Mario Gonzalez, one of the 4 original developers who worked on the NES version said outright that the port existed when asked in the comments section of one of his YouTube videos.[5]

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