Advanced Driving with Graham Hill (lost ITV motoring series; 1974)

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Revision as of 20:02, 22 August 2022 by SpaceManiac888 (talk | contribs) (Graham Hill I feel is underrated sometimes, especially when considering he is currently the only person to achieve the Triple Crown of Motorsport. Whereas his book of the same name is available, his TV show is not only missing, but is hardly mentioned at all nowadays. Quite obscure indeed.)
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Cover for the book based on the television show.

Status: Lost

Advanced Driving with Graham Hill (also known simply as Advanced Driving) is an ATV motoring show. Presented by two-time Formula One World Champion Graham Hill, it involved Hill providing practical advice on how to become a better, safer driver on the roads of Britain.


Advanced Driving with Graham Hill was conceptualised for ATV, most likely in response to a statistic that stated 90% of road accidents were the result of poor or erroneous driving.[1][2] As the show's title states, two-time Formula One champion Graham Hill was its presenter.[3] Hill himself notably had experienced the consequences of serious crashes first-hand; at the 1969 United States Grand Prix, Hill's Lotus-Ford was suffering from bald rear tyres, and crucially a popped-out seatbelt that Hill was unable to belt properly back-in, even with help from mechanics.[4] As he drove out again, a rear tyre collapsed, causing the car to flip and Hill to be thrown out of the cockpit.[4] He suffered leg injuries so severe that it was initially deemed unlikely he would ever race again.[4] Ultimately, he recovered fast enough to race for opening race of the following season[4]

Six 30-minute episodes were produced, and were broadcast between from June 1974.[3][5] The first episode saw Hill emphasise the importance of driving concentration, and ensuring adequate tyre safety.[3] Other episodes meanwhile focused on issues such as reverse parking, overtaking, speed, and windscreens.[6] Little else is known surrounding the majority of the show's episodes, but the book of the same name, published in 1975 and co-written by Hill and Neil Ewart, was notably based on the ATV series.[2]


Whereas the book is widely available, the television series has yet to publicly resurface, with no footage and images being viewable.[1][2] Considering ATV notably wiped some of its 1970s programmes, for instance Comedy Premiere, it is possible that Advanced Driving with Graham Hill suffered the same fate.



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