Age of Peace (partially found sci-fi film for Korean pop group H.O.T.; 2000)

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Age of peace poster.jpg

Official poster for the film.

Status: Partially Found

Age of Peace (Hangul:평화의 시대) was a sci-fi film released on July 15th, 2000 with a run-time of 27 minutes.[1] It was South Korea's first 3D movie and had a budget of 6 million dollars. It was created to promote Korean boy group H.O.T. The movie starred the 5 members of the group and pre-debut Dana from the group CSJH The Grace.


5 boys (portrayed by the H.O.T. members) live in a futuristic society where they are invaded by aliens by the name of Zeus that wish to take over the world. The only way for H.O.T. to save their society is to win a soccer match against the aliens.

Not much is known about the details of the plot. It is known that in one scene, one of the characters trips during the soccer game. The goalie runs over to him and encourages him to continue the game. In another scene, a character leaves the game suddenly to save the princess, portrayed by Dana, that is in danger. The rest of the team continues to play while he has to fight a dinosaur to save her. There is also a random concert scene where the group performs the title song from the soundtrack, "OP.T (OPeration Takeover)".[2] It is not apparent as to why this scene is in the movie as yet.


The movie was shot for 3 weeks in Japan at Shirogumi Studios, completely in front of green screens. Every visual aspect of was digitized except for the actor's faces. It was apparently directed by a man named Lawrence Lee.[3]

Despite the lack of prior acting experience, the members of H.O.T. took no acting lessons before shooting the film.


The movie was first released in Japan in July 2000, then released in Korea to 30 theaters nationwide, including the Megabox COEX theater and possibly the Lotte World Theme Park Theater in Seoul.[4][5] It was later released in Beijing on February 27, 2000.[6] A revised version was later shown at Everland, South Korea's largest theme park, on May 3, 2001.[7]

There was a pre-release event that was attended by the members and music producer, Lee Soo-man, who was disappointed by the movie.

Despite the popularity of the group, the movie did not do well. Many theaters at the time did not have the technology for 3D movies, so it was only shown in theaters with such technology.

An original soundtrack performed by H.O.T. was released alongside the movie, as well as a photo album containing stills from the film, though these stills have yet to surface online.


Trailer for Age of Peace

Music video for H.O.T.'s "OP.T (OPeration Takeover)", that includes scenes from the film.

KBS WORLD TV's interview with two H.O.T.'s members, detailing their experience working on the film (0:00-5:40)

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