Agent 00 (lost Filipino spy action-comedy film; 1981)

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Presumably the poster to the film.

Status: Lost

Agent 00 is a Filipino spy action comedy film which was the directorial debut of Eddie Nicart as well as being the first starring role ever given to international superstar Weng Weng.[1][2]

The film was distributed by Liliw Films due to Weng Weng being "adopted" by Peter Caballes. The importance to this film being found is because the character Agent 00 would reappear in the cult classic For Y'ur Height Only which helped the Filipino film spread outside the Philippines. The film is also significant for having popular stunt man turned actor Dante Varona and likely stars Ramon Zamora who is often dubbed the "Bruce Lee of the Philippines."

Due to not yet fully expanding outside the Filipino market yet, this film likely wasn't dubbed the way the sequels were. Despite confusion existence of the prequel has confirmed by the director himself in the 2003 documentary The Search for Weng Weng.[3]

Historical Relevance

Imelda Marcos was The First Lady of the Philippines for 21 years who tried her best to exploit the film industry as a propaganda tool but also as a form of cultural growth.

The 1981 Manila International Film Festival set up by Imelda Marco struggled to sell but few films found success through this one of the most notable films being For Y'Ur Height Only started making an impact by selling into foreign markets.[4]

For Y'Ur Height Only the sequel to Agent 00 is one the highest grossing Filipino movies outside the Philippines to this day.

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