Ang Aswang (lost Filipino talkie film; 1933)

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Print ad of the film.

Status: Lost

Ang Aswang (lit. The Ghoul) is a 1933 horror film produced by George Musser. It is the first locally-produced film to feature optically recorded sound. It is also regarded as the first partial talkie film and was produced by Manila Talkatone Studios. The film premiered at the Lyric theater on January 1st, 1933, and at Tivoli on January 4.[1][2]

The Film

Poster recreation with the levitating "aswang"

In 1932, Musser imported P50,000 worth of optical sound equipment and turned his house and turned his house into a studio. He spent a year shooting the film with Charles Miller as his cinematographer and William Smith as his soundman. The film was only shot on weekends and holidays.

Translated as "The Vampire" for non-Filipino viewers, its dialogue was in Spanish and English despite the Filipino title. Starring in the film were Mary Walter and “Queen of Horror Pictures” Monang Carvajal, Monserrat Garcia, Arturo Swanson, stage veteran Matias Garcia, and Celia Xerez-Burgos who was entrusted with the leading female role. According to some observers, the sound was sometimes out of sync and inaudible.[3]


  • Mary Walter
  • Monang Carvajal
  • Monserrat Garcia
  • Arturo Swanson
  • Matias Garcia
  • Celia Xerez-Burgos
  • Luis Ayesa


The research was done by The Aswang Project and they said there are no known prints in existence. A remake of the film was made by the Asian Film Archive.[4] The only known pieces related to the film that were found are the print ad and the levitating "aswang" said to be in the poster.[5]