Blue's Clues (partially found pitch pilots of international adaptations of Nick Jr. animated/live-action series; late 1990s)

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Bluesclues title.png

The show’s title card.

Status: Partially Found

Blue's Clues is an American animated/live-action children's TV series that aired on Nick Jr. from 1996 to 2006. It follows Steve and his dog named Blue, who leaves prints (referred to as clues) for Steve and viewers to solve the meaning of. Steve would later retire his role and be replaced by Joe.

Throughout its run and rise in popularity, several international adaptations starring new hosts were made. However, the pitch pilots made for these adaptations have not resurfaced since, and some never made it past their pilot stage.


Blue's Clues UK Pilot

Status: Partially Found

The test pilot for a British adaptation of Blue's Clues is known to have been in production sometime in 1996 to 1998 according to a compilation video created by former crew members of Nickelodeon Studios to celebrate its 10th anniversary, where a clip of the pilot was found.

In the clip, several differences can easily be identified. The host Kevin can be seen wearing a light green jacket and a cap backwards, both of which were not present in the final dub.

Not much is known about its production, and very little information can be found online regarding its existence. The pilot for the adaptation is based on and was later reworked into the episode Pretend Time.[1]

Pistas de Azul Pilot

Status: Partially Found

The test pilot for the Latin American adaptation of Blue's Clues also has a clip that can be seen in the Nickelodeon Studios compilation, and was produced around the same timestamp.

Unlike the British adaptation, it was cancelled and never made into a final series. It is speculated that it was related to Nickelodeon not wanting to put the funds into a 4th international adaptation. The concept was later reworked into a voice over dub for the market named Las Pistas de Blue.[2]

The identity of the host is unknown as of now due to the extreme scarcity of content related to the adaptation and its pilot. It is however known that this pilot is based on the episode Pretend Time, identified by the picture frame seen in the clip.

The only information that can be found online regarding the pilot is the clip itself, along with some information on it documented by the YouTuber BluesCluesThemes.

Riddle Blue's Pilot

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

It is rumored a test pilot for the Korean adaptation of Blue's Clues based on the episode Pretend Time may exist in some capacity. However, no content or information regarding it has resurfaced in anyway.

There does exist four photos from the dub which are believed to be from an early version or test of the adaptation, but this has yet to be fully confirmed.


Due to the pilots having been meant for testing and pitching rather than viewing, they have not been seen publicly or resurfaced in full as of now. Information is also scarce regarding anything about the pilots.



Clips of the British and Latin American pilots (2:57, 3:04)

A color corrected version of the Latin American clip with its original music.


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