Casanova (lost MS-DOS port and Commodore 64 port of Spanish 2D platforming game; 1989)

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Casanova poster.jpg

Game poster.

Status: Lost

Casanova is a Spanish 2D platforming game produced by Iber Soft in 1989.[1] The game was released for Spectrum, Amstrad, Commodore 64, MSX and MS-DOS.[2]

The main programmer is credited as José Carlos Arboiro but the games manual does not clarify which versions he programmed. However, it is believed that the ZX Spectrum version was the original, and that he made at least that version. The Amstrad CPC and MSX versions are credited to Javier Vila Lugo. Only the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and MSX versions have resurfaced. No game code, gameplay videos, or screenshots are known to have surfaced for the Commodore 64 and MS-DOS versions of the game. The search is complicated because of a completely different Commodore 64 game, also called Casanova, that was produced by Rainer Dohren & Frank Wankum in 1988.

Game Description

According to a transcription of the manual, the game follows the legendary romantic figure Giacomo Casanova as he runs through the streets of Venice. The enemies that pursue him are infatuated middle-aged women, Turkish pirates, harlequin jugglers, and aggressive beggars.[3] There are pigeons who drop spaghetti that recovers the player's health and ammo. The objective is to complete three phases by picking a certain number of masks in each zone. After collecting all of the masks in the zone, the player takes a gondola boat to the next zone.

The manual includes the game loading commands for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, and MSX versions, though it is unclear which system the manual came from. There are no game loading commands for MS-DOS, but it is common for multi-platform games to not provide a special command for MS-DOS, especially if the game loaded automatically.



Game walkthrough on Spectrum.

Game being run on Amstrad CPC.

Game being run on an MSX.