Close Range (lost inaccessible Flash game by satirical news site "The Onion"; 2009)

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Game poster.

Status: Lost

Close Range is a 2009 Flash-based game created by the satirical news website called The Onion. The game was advertised in one of The Onion's YouTube videos, and a website for the parody game also existed, along with a playable demo that could also be found on the same website. The game consists of violently shooting people blank in the face, and parodies games like the Call of Duty franchise by Activision. The playable demo of Close Range that was available on the site is impossible to play today as the Wayback Machine never picked up the SWF file for the game and only the main website where the game was located. It is unknown if The Onion still has this file in their archives, and even if they do, it's highly unlikely that they will ever release it back into the internet.


The game's plot focuses on a man named AJ, a man with a mysterious past. He must explode hundreds of thousands of faces of random people on a quest to save his brother, who has been kidnapped. The game features a simple pistol and a human will appear on the screen. Once you shoot their face off, another human will appear, and thus the cycle continues. The Onion also stated that the groundbreaking multiplayer mode allows for two people to shoot the faces of the other player's character off. A 'player' who played the game also said that the game allows you to select a body part to shoot off, whether it be the eyes, ears, or nose. The 'full game' (that obviously doesn't exist) also features hundreds of hidden extras, like side missions where players can take a break from shooting people in the face, to shoot animals in the face.


While the game doesn't exist for real, it was possible to play a demo of Close Range on its official website created by The Onion through an SWF file on the website. It is right now impossible to play because the SWF file for the game was never actually archived through the Wayback Machine, and only the website where the game once stood is available to view. No one has come through and said that they have a copy of the missing SWF file, so for right now, the game is considered lost. It is also unknown if The Onion has saved a backup of this SWF file somewhere in their archives, but even if they did, it is highly unlikely that The Onion will ever release it out into the wild. Unless either someone provides a download to the original SWF or The Onion puts it back online, the game will never see the light of day and will remain in a lost state.


The original video which the "game" is based on.

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