Cory's Learning Corner (partially found children's TV series; late 1990s-early 2000s)

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Title card of the segments.

Status: Partially Found

Cory's Learning Corner was a series of one-minute learning segments for children on public television nationwide, through select stations by American Public Television and PBS. Not too much is known, but the segments star Cory the Clown as portrayed by Cory Riback who discusses an educational subject such as science, travel, animals, cooking, and safety, before signing off by announcing his website. Some segments even feature celebrity guest stars discussing topics they are passionate about. They mostly aired in-between the main shows as early as the late 90s and as late as the early 2000s.


At least 26 episodes have been documented on the official website, but almost all of them are completely lost, with no clue as to where they are or if they'll ever be made available to the public eye again.

Only four episodes has been recovered so far: the first one on YouTube (via a camcorder recording) from a 1999 program break on the local Philadelphia channel WYBE (which aired syndicated shows distributed by APT at the time, including "Big Comfy Couch"). Three additional segments have been found on this website with one episode featuring Betty White, and another featuring Aaron Neville.


A Cory's Learning Corner segment about blue-eyed lemurs.

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