Cricket and Clover (partially found scrapped Panic! At The Disco album; 2007)

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Lyrics written for the album.

Status: Partially Found

Cricket and Clover was a scrapped album by the famous alt-rock band Panic! At The Disco. It is also known as "The Cabin Album" by fans due to the recording circumstances.


After concluding the 2006 tour Nothing Rhymes With Circus, Panic! At the Disco’s band members decided to get back to work and make a new album. They rented a cabin on a mountain in Nevada and began writing songs for a new album. This album would’ve been their second, following their album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.”

The album is noted to have a different sound than any of their previous or future works. Their influences leaned more into psychedelic rock rather than the alternative pop-punk sound [1]. It is said that, instead of just a set of songs, ‘’Panic!’’ decided to turn their second album into a story and each song led into the next song. The story was allegedly about two lovers named Cricket and Clover.

However, due to the band deciding to shift directions, the album was never released or recovered. The band continued in a new direction, later releasing the 2008 album “Pretty. Odd.”.

In 2018, former bassist Jon Walker announced via Twitter that he had rediscovered several demo tracks from “Cricket and Clover” and “Pretty. Odd.”[2]. It is implied in his tweets that he did not have the authority to release these tapes, but he expressed his wishes to showcase them[3].

To date, only two tracks have been confirmed as being part of the album. had a list of song titles they claimed to be from the album [4]. However, Walker has since tweeted that the majority of these titles were fabricated [5].

To date, there is still little information regarding the album, and many of the demo tapes have never been released.

Song List

The following songs have been confirmed to be a part of the album:

Song Title Notes Status
Nearly Witches Released on the FOB Mix-tape under the name "Paul Revere Jumpsuit Apparatus". It was a demo at the time and didn't become an actual song until Vices and Virtues. Found
It’s True Love Various clips can be found on YouTube. Partially Found


LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject.

The article from the Kerrang! magazine article mentioning some of the alleged titles for the album (Image provided by LSuperSonicQ)


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