Cultaholic (found debut video of professional wrestling YouTube channel; 2017)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its its discussion of sexual content.


The original Cultaholic logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Jan 2022

Found by: Chiizo

Cultaholic is a British YouTube channel providing video content relating to professional wrestling, including top lists, documentaries, podcasts and interviews. It was founded by in 2017 by former-WhatCulture personalities, including Adam Blampied, Adam Pacitti, Ross Tweddell, Jack King, and Sam Driver. On 16th October 2017, Cultaholic uploaded its first video promoting the channel, featuring them burning items relating to their WhatCulture personas. However, the video and the channel's launch on 1st November were compromised when Blampied was found to have solicited sexual photos from female fans.


Cultaholic's origins can be traced back to the personalities' time involved on WhatCulture channels, including WhatCulture Wrestling, with Blampied, Pacitti, King Ross, and Jack the Jobber being fan favourites for their videos and professional wrestling-esque personas.[1] On 19th September 2017, it was reported that the four, alongside editor Driver, were to leave WhatCulture to pursue other projects.[2][1] Not long after their departure, on 14th October, they announced the launch of Cultaholic,[3] which would cover professional wrestling.

To promote the channel, a video featuring the personalities was uploaded two days later. It consisted of them situated near a bonfire, before proceeding to throw items relating to their WhatCulture personas into it.[4] Blampied would go one step further by taking off his trousers and pants and throwing them onto the bonfire, before the video ended with text stating that the channel would officially launch on 1st November.[4][5][6]

However, while the channel's launch was successful, with it still remaining popular as of the present day,[7] initially the channel faced negative PR almost immediately. This was because on 25th October, Blampied was found to have been soliciting sexual photos from female fans online.[8][9] Despite him claiming to these women that he was in an open relationship, he later admitted this was not the case.[8] Additionally, some women claimed Blampied had pressurised them to send content to him.[9] As a result of the accusations, Blampied apologised for his actions on multiple occasions, claiming he would seek professional help and would retire from YouTube.[8][9] Cultaholic announced it had terminated Blampied's contract in light of the news and postponed their launch.[10][11][12] Blampied has since not returned to Cultaholic but has become active within the professional wrestling community on YouTube, as part of WresteTalk.[13]


Cultaholic's launch video has since been made private, most likely as a result of the fallout from the Blampied situation.[14] At least one user on Reddit has claimed the video was still on the channel as late as January 2019 before it was made private by the channel.[5] Prior to January 2022, a few screenshots of the video were the only accessible media.[15] But on 17th January 2021, Lost Media Wiki user Chiizo uploaded the full video onto the Internet Archive, having discovered the clip thanks to the YouTube clip being archived by the Wayback Machine.




Video documenting Adam Blampied.

YouTube - On The Rise providing a screenshot of the video.


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