Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (lost pitch pilot of PBS Kids animated musical series; 2006-2008)

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Daniel tigers neighborhood title.jpeg

The final series' title card.

Status: Lost

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a children's animated series on PBS. It is produced by Fred Rogers Productions and is based on characters from the original Mister Rogers' Neighborhood series. A pilot for the series was created around 2006-2008 and was pitched to PBS to major success.[1]


According to the creator of the series (Angela Santomero), Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood was first conceived in a meeting during 2006 by The Fred Rogers Company about making a show to continue the legacy of Fred Rogers.[2] Daniel Tiger was chosen as the main character without much question, as it was the first puppet created for the original show. A pilot animatic was soon completed and shown to PBS to be greenlit.[3] Currently, no detail relating to pilot has been revealed to the general public.


There is no footage of the pilot online. However, a few screenshots formerly on Astrid Riemer's website feature earlier designs for the characters and are likely to be taken from this pilot.


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