Detective Conan (lost unaired Fox Kids English dub pilot; existence unconfirmed; 2000)

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Detective Conan Poster.PNG

Common poster image for the anime.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

In 2000, Fox Kids had planned to broadcast the anime series Detective Conan, announcing that 26 episodes[1] had been acquired for the fall lineup[2].

Through early-to-mid 2000, there were various articles announcing the acquisition[3]. But ultimately, the series never showed up on the network, most likely due to the violent content of the episodes.

In December, a rumor began to circulate stating that a pitch pilot had been produced through TMS for Fox Kids, titled Conan's Capers[4]. It was spliced together from the first three episodes, with all references to death and violence removed and the plot of the first episode summarized within five minutes.

The alleged name changes included:

  • Shinichi Kudo being renamed to "Peter Grey", while his Conan Edogawa alter-ego became "Conan Isaac".
  • Kogoro Mouri and Ran Mouri being renamed to "Slick Lacey" and "Rebecca Lacey".

However, the veracity of the rumor was left up in the air, along with a later claim that the pitch pilot had aired at least once[5]. Other statements in the original thread relating to the pilot indicated that the series was being held up from airing on Fox due to trouble with the network's Broadcast Standards and Practices department (and a Google Groups thread by a network rep also indicated it being "in limbo").[6]

It is unknown how far the actual dub may have gotten before Fox passed on airing the series, and any full details on the history behind it have been difficult to acquire.

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