Disney's Teacher's Pet (found Toon Disney animated series; 2000-2002)

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Teachers Pet logo.jpg

Logo for the series.

Status: Found

Date found: 18 Jun 2017

Found by: Goryparodies and Disney+

Disney's Teacher's Pet was an American animated series that aired on ABC's One Saturday Morning block from September 9th, 2000 to February 9th, 2002 (The first 1/3 of the Second Season aired on ABC)[1] and the remaining season Two episodes had aired on Toon Disney from January 11th, 2002 to May 10th, 2002.[2]

After a bit of delay with dates ranging from September 2003 to February 2004, a theatrical movie finale was finally released on January 16th, 2004, to box-office failure due to barely being promoted outside of the main Disney stations. Despite this, the movie has been critically acclaimed.

While the show was popular in its heyday, the show went into obscurity since Toon Disney stopped running reruns in June 2006. Besides the first episode being released on the movie DVD, no other episodes were ever released in any other format.

Between Late 2008 and June 2013, VHS recordings were uploaded to YouTube until Disney took them all down due to copyright. Since September 2013, many of them (despite being of low quality at the time) had been uploaded to a special Facebook page. A Dailymotion page has also been hosting episodes since March 2014.

As of January 2015, Twenty Nine full episodes have been found. Eleven episodes have been found in Russian, including a few that have been missing in English (Like "Attack Of The 50 Inch Girl" and "The Blight Before Christmas"), and one in Greek ("Never Take Candy From A Kindergartner").

  • One issue with some episodes is that there are brief scenes (usually after the episode comes back from commercial break) that are missing due to how the episode was recorded ("Scott's Honor," "Costume Pity Party," and "Party Animal"). This can even result in the title card or even credits being omitted from the video ("Pet Project," "A Few Good Boys," and "Never Take Candy From A Kindergartner"). One episode ("A Breed Apart") happens to have issues with keeping the tape in place, which results in the video being all jittery.

As of June 18th, 2017, all of the episodes of Teacher's Pet have been found, and on November 12th, 2019, the entire series was made available in HD on Disney's streaming service Disney+.[3]


Season 1

# Episode Title Status
1 Muttamorphosis Found (On DVD)
2 Pet Project Found
3 Movin' on Pup Found
4 Escaping Dog Trick Found
5 A Lick is Still A Kiss Found
6 Being Mrs. Leadready Found
7 Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie Found
8 Costume Pity Party Found
9 Scott's Honor Found
10 Fifi Found
11 Bad to the Bone Found
12 Always Knock the Postman Twice Found
13 You Can't Bite City Hall Found
14 A Dog for all Seasons Found
15 Tallulahpalooza Found
16 Saving Mr. Jolly Found
17 Rule of Paw Found

Season 2

# Episode Title Status
18 Never Take Candy From a Kindergartner Found
19 A Few Good Boys Found
20 Bad Fur Day Found
21 The Tale of the Tell Tale Taffy Found
22 Don't Count Your Chickies Before They Hatch Found
23 Strickler's Pet Found
24 Fresh 'n' Frozey Chocolaccino Found
25 The Grass Seed is Always Greener Found
26 No Substitutions Please Found
27 Dont Make My Brown Eyes Green Found
28 Mr. Jolly: Man... or Mouser? Found
29 Party Animal Found
30 What's Sweat Gotta Do With It? Found
31 Dogfight Found
32 Taint Valentines Day Found
33 Science Not Fair Found
34 To Bee or Not to Bee Found
35 One Dog's Junk Found
36 Team Scott Found
37 Take Me Out of the Ball Game Found
38 Inspector Leadready II Found
39 The Turkey that Came to Dinner Found
40 Double Dog Dare Found
41 Attack of the Fifty Inch Girl Found
42 The Flipper Found
43 The Blight Before Christmas Found
44 All About Eavesdropping Found
45 The Nose Knows Found
46 Dont Bite the Hound That Feeds You Found
47 A Breed Apart Found


"Attack of the Fifty Inch Girl" (mirrored).