Doctor Who (lost build of cancelled Sega Mega Drive game based on British science-fiction television series; 1994)

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Logo for the 1996 Doctor Who film.

Status: Lost

In August 1994, issue 22 of Mean Machines Sega reported that a Sega Mega Drive game based on the BBC science-fiction television show Doctor Who was in development. While it is unknown whether the game would be based on the cancelled television series or upcoming film, it was reported that Sega itself was involved in the project.


By August 1994, Doctor Who had already been in hiatus for five years, and would not return to television screens until 2005.[1] Nevertheless, rumours of a film based on the franchise were being made,[2] with these claims ultimately being confirmed when a film simply titled Doctor Who was released in May 1996 starring Paul McGann as the eighth Doctor.[3] At the same time film rumours were being made, issue 22 of Mean Machines Sega confirmed the announcement of a Doctor Who Sega Mega Drive game.[2]

Very little is known surrounding this game and its development.[4] According to Mean Machines Sega, Sega itself was developing the game, utilising several reference points in order to establish the game's narrative.[2] By the time the August 1994 issue had been published, no confirmation surrounding what aspects of the programme would be incorporated into the game, nor whether it would be based on a possible film.[2] Ultimately, no Mega Drive game based on Doctor Who was released to the public, though the reason for this game's cancellation remains unknown.[4] In fact, the only Doctor Who game to be released in the mid-to-late-1990s was the 1997 3D PC title Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors, where the Mega Drive's limitations would make a supposed port of this game extremely unlikely.[5]


Thanks to issue 22 of Mean Machines Sega, it is known that the game was being developed by Sega.[2] However, no media surrounding the ultimately cancelled title has been made publicly available, including in the guise of builds, screenshots, or gameplay footage.[4]



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