Doki (found educational PC games based off Latin American Discovery Kids mascot; 2009)

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Box arts for Doki Maternal and Doki Jardim

Status: Lost

Doki is a series of PC games based on Discovery Kids's mascot of the same name released in Brazil on September 29, 2009.[1] These involve three educational games available through CD-ROMs, retailing at a price of R$49,00 (roughly about $9,15 in USD).[1] No ISO images of them have been found and CD-ROMs for these games are currently out of stock.

List of games

  • Doki Primeiros Passos (Doki First Steps): 18 months-3 years
    Status: Lost
  • Doki Maternal[nb 1]: 2-4 years
    Status: Lost
  • Doki Jardim (Doki Garden): 3-5 years
    Status: Lost


NOTE: Due to these games being lost, very little info is known about the activities from games in the series. As a result, this section only covers the activities from Doki Maternal, as that is the only one to have its activities known.


The activity consists of helping Doki avoid obstacles with a skateboard.[1]


The activity consists of helping Doki assemble a nutritious dish or identify the food he wants to eat.[1]


The activity is self-explanatory. It allows scheduling, meant for when the child must do something important.[1]


The activity is about cleaning Doki's room by moving objects to different places in order to make it better organized.[1]


TecMundo praised the game for its interesting graphics as well as the fact that the repetitive activities and levels make the child fix better, but criticized it for its non-attractive price as well as its repetitive voices and unskippable dialogue.[1]

System requirements[1]

OS: Windows XP or newer
Processor: 2.4 GHz (Pentium 4 or equivalent)
RAM: 1 GB or higher
Disk space: 200 MB
Resolution: 800x600px or higher and 16-bit color palette or higher.
CD-ROM unit: 12x or higher
Sound: Any sound card with multimedia support


Doki Maternal



  1. Also known as Doki Maternal: Bons hábitos (lit. Doki Maternal: Good Habits)


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