Dorothy The Dinosaur (lost episodes of unreleased fourth season of children's TV series; 2016)

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The show's title card

Status: Lost

Dorothy The Dinosaur is a character created by the Australian children's group The Wiggles (mainly by guitarist Murray Cook after many kids in the classes he was teaching became very interested in dinosaurs). The character debuted in the song of the same name on the group's 1991 self-titled debut album and made her video debut in the song's music video that was released a year later. She remains the group's most popular and iconic character and has had many tours[1] and videos[2] centered around her and the other "Wiggly Friends" like Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus. Her own self-titled television series debuted on ABC1 in 2007 and aired for three seasons ending in 2010. Aside from the titled character and the other Wiggly Friends, other characters were played by various backup dancers who performed with The Wiggles in the past like Larissa O'Donovan, Brad Carroll and Emma Watkins. A revival of the series is rumored to be in the works[3].

Sometime in 2016, production began on a new season of the show as evident in some photos that surfaced in Fall 2016 (exact source is unknown). The season would've likely remake several episodes from the previous Dorothy The Dinosaur series. Based on the photos, the episodes identified are Dorothy Visits China, Yummy Canada Syrup, Marvellous Mexico and I Look in the Mirror. It's noted that the original episodes had Brad Carroll playing Captain Feathersword (with the exception of I Look In The Mirror) and the reshot versions had Paul Paddick reprise the role he played for the first two seasons of the show. The reshot version of Dorothy Visits China has original purple wiggle Jeff Fatt in an unknown role. Any other episodes that were filmed are unknown.

Since the season wasn't officially announced, information on the season and it's production are very obscure. It's likely the season wasn't finished due to lack of time or interest, but this remains unconfirmed. Given it's obscurity, it's highly unlikely any other information or footage from the season will ever surface.


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