Double Dare (partially found test pilot for Nickelodeon game show; 1986)

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Logo used for the original series

Status: Partially Found

Double Dare is a game show that ran on Nickelodeon from 1986-1993, a short-lived run in the 2000s, and another short-lived run from 2018-2019. The show was hosted by Marc Summers and focused on kids who would have to go through obstacle courses in order to win trips, prizes, and small amounts of money. Though, in 1986, a test pilot was made to present their new game show format.


In 1986, Nickelodeon wanted to create a game show for their network, something that they had not thrown their hats in before. Statistics showed that kids loved watching gameshows with adults, so Nick created a brainstorming gameshow on trivia, truth or dare, and obstacle courses like the game "Mouse Trap". They taped a "test pilot" to show their gameshow format which was hosted by Geoffrey Darby (The producer for the show).[1] A lot of differences were made from the pilot and the final show, some of them being:

  • The scores were written on whiteboards
  • A toss-up game was played instead of a physical challenge
  • The obstacle course was run by 1 person while the other held the flags instead of alternating between players

The budget was also very low in the pilot as well, from announcer, John Harvey said, quote:

"Not only were we on a shoestring budget, our obstacles look like they were made of actual shoestring!"[2]


Clips from the test pilot were first shown in a 1988 VHS compilation tape called "The Inside Scoop" and later aired in the "Double Dare Reunion Special" in November 2016. Lost Media Wiki user Racelympics emailed Geoffrey Darby to inquire if he had the test pilot in his possession, but unfortunately, he did not. It is not known whether Nickelodeon still has the pilot.




Partial footage of the pilot.

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