Drawn Together (partially found pitch pilot of Comedy Central animated sitcom; 2003)

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The show's cast as they appear in the pilot.

Status: Partially Found

Drawn Together was an American adult animated sitcom created by Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein that was broadcast on Comedy Central from October 27th, 2004 to November 14th, 2007. The series was advertised as being the first animated reality TV series, and featured caricatures of numerous different cartoon characters and archetypes living together in a house in a parody of The Real World.

Pitch Pilot

In order to pitch the show to Comedy Central, Jeser, Silverstein, and Jordan Young (a former character layout artist on The Simpsons) put together a brief pitch pilot at some point in or prior to 2003 in order to properly bring the idea of the series across. Very little is currently known about this pilot, with the only known production details for it coming from a 2003 Variety article, in which it was stated that the pilot was four minutes long and was screened at some point prior to October 2003 for the then-programming executive of Comedy Central Lauren Corrao, who immediately allowed the project to go forward.[1]

Differences from Series

From the available footage, the pilot (at least in terms of aesthetics) appears to be vastly different from the final series, with significantly choppier, cruder animation, and numerous characters having designs that wildly differ from those seen in the actual show, with Ling-Ling being green instead of orange, Captain Hero having a different hairstyle and a differently designed, darker suit with a different emblem and no cape, Xandir having a different hairstyle and slightly different outfit, and Princess Clara having a completely different design that closely resembles Disney's portrayal of Alice as opposed to the generic Disney princess design she has in the final series.


The pilot has remained largely unreleased in the years since its creation, with none of Drawn Together's home media releases having it as a bonus feature. The only piece of footage to have surfaced from the pilot is a brief, audioless clip included in a behind-the-scenes documentary on the The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! DVD. Given the apparent distaste for the pilot from those who worked on it, it is unlikely that any more will surface.




Only known clip from the pilot.

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