Famicom Cycle (lost display unit for Famicom; 1988)

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Famicomcycle 1.jpg

Famicom Cycle (Taken in June 2009)

Status: Lost

Famicom Cycle (ファミコンサイクル) is a display unit for Famicom which was used in Japan. It was developed by Nintendo in co-operation with Kansai Cycle Sports Center, a bicycle theme park in Kawachinagano, Osaka, 10 units were installed in 1988[1].

The pedals were used to control the games, and three games, including F1 Race, could be played. However, the unit was removed after 2009 and its current whereabouts are unknown and lost forever.



In addition, the Kansai Cycle Sports Center had another display unit, The Keirin (ザ・ケイリン), also known as the Micom Cycle (マイコンサイクル), developed in conjunction with Nintendo, which was installed in 1989 but has since been removed and lost as well. Keirin seems to have had the original game built in, but it is unknown what kind of game it was.