Fascination (lost unreleased adult Nintendo arcade game; 1974)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its risqué subject matter.


Picture of the prototype.

Status: Lost

In 1974, Nintendo released Wild Gunman, an arcade game that used 16mm film rather than video. It was a light gun shooter where the player engages in a gunfight with various Old West-style outlaws. The gunmen were represented via film footage of actual live-action people. The player had to watch for the opponent's eyes to flash, then shoot at them. 10 years later in 1984, it inspired the Family Computer/Nintendo Entertainment System game of the same name.[1]

Nintendo also designed a more adult version of the game, known as Fascination (ファッシネーション). It was also a shooter using a light gun, but the film was significantly different. Instead of shooting cowboys, the player shot at a Swedish woman in an evening dress who danced around the screen. When she struck a pose, the player shoots. Instead of killing her, parts of her clothing come off. The process was repeated until she was completely nude.[2]

This game was never released to the public, and likely due to the company wanting to keep a "family-friendly" image, they rarely mention it.

However, Gunpei Yokoi - famed designer at Nintendo - specified that they didn't release Fascination because its mechanism was too "complicated and fragile".

Fascination should not be confused with the 1991 point-and-click adventure game of the same name, which is also erotic-themed and developed by a studio that would then put on a family-friendly image (Coktel Studios).


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