Fish Hooks (partially found test pilot of Disney Channel animated series; 2009)

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Fish Hooks pilot logo.png

The original logo for the pilot, as seen on Mercury Filmworks' website.

Status: Partially Found

In 2009, the original pilot for the Disney animated series Fish Hooks was produced. This original pilot was written and directed by Alex Hirsch and William Reiss. According to Chelsea Kane (the voice of Bea in Fish Hooks), the length of the original pilot was five minutes long. While it is known that she voiced Bea in the original pilot, it is unknown who voiced Oscar, Milo, and possibly other characters. Some sources refer to the title of the pilot as Fish Tales, suggesting this may have been a possible title for the show at one point.

The most notable known difference between the pilot and the actual Fish Hooks show is the character designs, some of which can be seen online.

The only footage that is available online from the pilot is about five seconds from a promo that aired on Disney Channel Latin America for upcoming programming in the year 2011.

The short is listed in the Library of Congress' Copyright Database as being part of Shorty McShorts' Shorts, despite the show ending in 2007. (It is also known the original short is available in Betacam format in the Library of Congress.)

Parts of the original pilot have been shown at panels at conventions about the show, with a mostly positive reception from fans who have seen them.

While a creepypasta has become popular online about the original pilot and has stirred up interest in it, all the details provided in said story are completely fictional.




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