Foodfight! (lost build of cancelled video game based on CGI animated film; 2006-2007)

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A poster for the lost early version of the movie, which this game was based on.

Status: Lost

Foodfight! is a CGI-animated movie from Threshold Animation Studios that released in 2012, and is considered by many to be one of the worst animated films of all time. As part of its planned heavy marketing blitz a tie-in game was in development for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance, based on the original version of the film that famously - and controversially - disappeared before it could be completed. The game was to be published by Global Star Software and was supposed to tie into the film's original Spring 2007 release window.


Based on the limited console footage available, Foodfight! The Game was likely going to be a 3D platformer with film lead Dex Dogtective as a playable character. Most of the film's talent (notably including stars Charlie Sheen and Wayne Brady) were claimed to be reprising their respective characters. No other console mechanics were made available to the public, and the proposed Game Boy Advance version - if it ever existed - is completely lost.


The game was initially being developed by Midway Games West, Inc. in 2001, using Dex's original human design. However, the game seems to have been passed on fairly early given that there is no evidence of this version existing other than concept art.[1] Developer Ed Logg, who was at Midway during the same time frame, also confirmed that he has no memory of a game ever being made.

Later, the game would be showcased at E3 2006 displaying the logo for Vicious Cycle. However, an email from Reddit user TheRealMegaMitch to David Ellis, who worked at the studio in the same timeframe, confirmed that the company had nothing to do with the game.[2]

Publisher Global Star would eventually fold into 2K Games following the creation of the 2K Play label on September 10, 2007, shortly after the game's targeted release window.[3]


A playable demo of the game was shown off at E3 2006 as part of actual producer Take-Two's annual lineup. A brief shot of this console - the only known footage of Foodfight! The Game - was uploaded to around the same time, then mirrored to YouTube by Roger LaMarca on May 18, 2006.[4]

Despite its high-profile showcase, no press release or formal announcement was issued for the game on either Take-Two or Global Star's sites.[5] Faced with the film's descent into development hell, along with the waning popularity of the gaming platforms involved, the tie-in game project seems to have been quietly cancelled.

Selected art by Jason Leong

The only known footage of the game.

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