Gigantic (lost production material of cancelled Disney animated film; 2013-2017)

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Status: Lost

Gigantic was a Disney animated musical based on the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk that began production in 2013 but was confirmed to be cancelled in 2017. Set in Spain during the Age of Discovery, the movie would have followed a character named Jack as he discovers a world of giants hidden above the clouds. In 2017, Gigantic production was cancelled for unknown reasons. No footage from the movie has surfaced.



According to BleedingCool, the story at the beginning of development was not too dissimilar from many adaptations of the fairy tale. The hero was named Jack and he would face off against brother giants named Fee, Fi, Fo, and Fum, which were short for Feebus, Fifen, Fogel, and Fobert. They were led by a giant named Faustus who, while a villain, was said to have a "relatable point of view." Jack would fall in love with a woman above his class, Angelina, daughter of a merchant family, though that family thought him beneath her. Also vying for her love would be Marco, a nobleman interested in travelling and opening up new trade routes. This trio would be joined by pre-teen girl Inma, who was "a scrappy tomboy type – and something of a class warrior." In the world of the film, the humans and the Storm Giants have come to an agreement: the giants keep danger away and in return, the humans work for them and give them food and livestock. But the humans are getting fed up with this which leads our four heroes to journey up where the giants live. Eventually, Jack befriends one of the giants, which changes everything.[1]


Gigantic would have been set in Spain during the Age of Exploration. It would have followed Jack from the fairy tale as he discovers a world of giants hidden above the clouds. Jack would then befriend a female giant named Inma, who is said to be "11 years old, 60 feet tall, fiery, feisty and a lot to control," and would constantly treat Jack like a doll. Meanwhile, the antagonists of the film known as the Storm Giants would have stood at around 120 feet.


While the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk had been used as part of Disney's package film Fun and Fancy Free in the 1940s, the studio would also later be keen on making a full feature-length movie out of it. There was an attempt in the early 2000s called You Don't Know Jack About The Beanstalk[2] and director Chris Buck and art director Mike Giaimo spent some time developing the story during a brief period in 2010 when Frozen was shelved. This was eventually picked back up as Giants in 2013 by director Nathan Greno and then announced as Gigantic at D23 in 2015, where it was slated for a 2018 release.[3] Songwriting couple Robert Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez, both of Frozen fame, were writing music for the film and performed the song "Little Man" at that D23 expo. No recordings of the song have ever been released or leaked. According to Slashfilm, here are some of the lyrics:[4]

"I love my little man, I love my little man, you can make him do this, you can make him do this. You can wash him in a dish, be careful he gets ticklish, my teeny little man. In a life that's kind of lonely, I thought if only, I had a little man."

D23 Expo attendees were also shown some pre-viz clips for the film One was a beanstalk sprouting up into the sky and Jack climbing to the top where he discovers giants, only to be chased by Inma. The other was a clip of the two of them hanging out with Jack clinging to a strand of Inma's hair. On June 30th, 2016, the release date of the movie was pushed back from March 9th, 2018 to November 21st, 2018, with Ralph Breaks The Internet taking the former date[5]. In October of 2016, writer Meg LeFauve, who was also a screenwriter for Captain Marvel, Inside Out, and The Good Dinosaur, was promoted to co-director.[6] The release date was later moved again to November 25, 2020, before the film was eventually cancelled in October 2017 when Disney announced that the film had been shelved because it "wasn't working the way they thought."[7]

Before the film's cancellation, Disney had released several pieces of concept art, including a parody Easter egg in the 2016 animated feature Zootopia as the film Giraffic which Duke Weaselton attempts to sell off bootleg DVDs before being questioned by Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde about the location of the Night Howlers, and included part of one of the intended songs, "Little Man", in its initial D23 presentation. No further materials had been released since its D23 announcement, and no further recordings of the song featured have surfaced.


As of the writing of this article, no footage from Gigantic has surfaced. Disney has been incredibly tight-lipped with regards to Gigantic. It is also unknown how far the movie was in production before being shelved.



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