Go Bananas! with Tony Simiano (partially found Nick.com flash game; 2001)

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Tony Simiano, the show's host.

Status: Partially Found

Go Bananas! With Tony Simiano was a 2001 flash game show that was hosted on Nick.com. The show was an early example of an interactive flash game and used a blend of digital illustration and real-life photos of animals and humans to portray the host and contestants.

The show's titular host, a John Travolta-Esque chimpanzee, would introduce (human) contestants and have them play a game unique to the contestant. The game show was a spinoff of a 1998 flash game - “Disco Chimp” - that featured Tony Simiano, which was also hosted by Nick.com. “Disco Chimp” proved to be a popular addition to the website, and as such, 13 episodes of "Go Bananas" were commissioned. [1]

The show's run was short-lived, lasting only 1 season and producing 13 episodes.


Only 2 of the show's 13 episodes have been recovered. An inquiry on the r/LostMedia subreddit yielded episodes 1 and 12 (both .swf files) through an Internet Archive search of Nick.com. [2] As of 2021, most of the Archive.org links are broken and are not currently supported after the transition from flash to HTML5.

Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Status
1 Morton Beamish Morton Beamish, a substitute teacher, plays a tile-matching game. Found
2 Unknown Unknown Lost
3 Unknown Unknown Lost
4 Unknown Unknown Lost
5 Unknown Unknown Lost
6 Unknown Unknown Lost
7 Unknown Unknown Lost
8 Unknown Unknown Lost
9 Unknown Unknown Lost
10 Unknown Unknown Lost
11 Unknown Unknown Lost
12 Roberta Cramden An impatient elementary school girl plays a game of "Simon Says" Found
13 Unknown Unknown Lost