Gravity Falls (found Comic Con 2012 promo of Disney Channel animated mystery comedy series; 2012)

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Gravity falls logo.jpeg

The show’s logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 22 Jul 2017

Found by: TGWTVHS 2.0

At Comic Con 2012, several then-new shows and episodes of shows were being announced, with some of the shows even having sneak peaks, such as Gravity Falls. This preview was once on YouTube, but it was taken down, likely due to copyright infringement. It has not been published officially in any way, however.

The promo reportedly featured clips from the first group of episodes (up to "Irrational Treasure") as well as a slightly different version of Dipper's cold open.

On July 22nd, 2017, a YouTube user by the name of TGWTVHS 2.0 uploaded the promo onto his YouTube channel, saying:

"[...] I didn't record these,[....] Somebody posted them on YouTube at the time, and I downloaded them. The originals are long gone by now."


The promos of Gravity Falls from Comic-Con 2012.

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