Grizzly (lost deleted scenes of horror film; 1976)

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Poster of the film

Status: Lost

Grizzly was an independently-made horror film, usually known as a Jaws ripoff, but with a bear instead of a shark.

Despite its infamy as a bad movie, it's been complimented for its exceptional violent special effects.

The film does have some deleted scenes that have not yet resurfaced.

Deleted Scenes

An example of the special effects that made it into the final cut of the movie

They are:

  • A scene where the ranger discusses shutting down the lodge with Walter Corwin. Probably removed to save time.
  • An extra attack. There is no detail on it and is never mentioned in the movie, but it is notable that one kill, that happens at a waterfall, was never brought up at any point in the film, so it's very possible there was another death.
  • A scene where the hunters kill a black bear by mistake. Possibly cut due to another scene where a black bear wanders into a hunters camp, and they claim it's the cub of the killer grizzly. If they acknowledged the black bear as being a different species, the (subtle lack of) logic wouldn't add up.
  • A longer cut of the death of Don, the helicopter pilot, that was more graphic. The movie does show blood spurting from his mouth in the Scorpion DVD, and it's slightly longer, but it's possible there was also a shot of his mutilated corpse.
  • Scott also had a longer death. In the movie, you see him get knocked out, buried, immediately wake up and then the bears come back. It then cuts away, but there are reports that he had a graphic, on-screen death.

None of these scenes have resurfaced yet.

Japanese Laserdisc Extra

There was a special monologue only used in the Japanese laserdisc release that has never been seen on another release. It came before the credits and discussed how grizzly attacks were becoming more and more common.

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