I'll Try Anything Once (partially found Voom HD original series; 2008)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

I'll Try Anything Once was an original series for Voom HD's "Treasure HD" channel that premiered in February 2008, hosted by writer Touré.

Due to the niche subject matter and Voom HD's low coverage, very little about the series can be found online. Only one episode out of 13 is available on YouTube.

According to a YouTube commenter, one episode involving go-go dancing.

Official synopsis

"In each episode, series host Toure, an author, journalist and cultural critic, will be forced out of his comfort zone as he is asked to tackle 13 different hair-raising experiences, from being a rodeo clown in Wyoming and a wildlife remover in Florida to driving in a demolition derby in Indiana and joining a professional women's football league in Tucson. As he takes on each event or unglamorous job, Toure will completely immerse himself in the challenge, meeting the people who perform these jobs on a regular basis and gain an understanding of their skill set and way of life. At the end of each episode, Toure will have to complete these physical and mental challenges on his own, putting into practice what he has been taught along the way, describing for viewers the adrenaline rush and terror that comes will executing these intense tasks. Toure will also go through lumberjacking and stuntman training.

The author of three books and a renowned journalist, Toure is currently the host of BET's The Black Carpet and a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. He served as CNN's first pop culture correspondent and has made appearances on The Today Show, Dateline NBC, CNN's American Morning, Paula Zahn Now, "Anderson Cooper 360", Topic A With Tina Brown, and The O'Reilly Factor.

Found episode

I'll Try Anything Once with Toure - New Paris, IN Demolition Derby TV special.