I'm Done (found Soviet musical comedy film; 1975)

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Theatrical poster for I'm Done.

Status: Found

Date found: 11 May 2024

Found by: Mikhail Podolsky

I'm Done (Russian: Я больше не буду, Ukrainian: Я більше не буду[1], Romanized: Ya bolshe ne budu) is a 1975 Soviet musical comedy film that was directed by Yevgeni Sherstobitov and produced by Dovzhenko Film Studio. The film was theatrically released on August 23rd, 1976[2].


The boy Vova summons the wizard and asks him to find a friend who looks like him. So a man appears in the apartment, both in appearance and in character, similar to Vova. During this time, Vova's double (who received the title of "Vova II") got into a fight with the real Vova, took the ball from a girl, caused a traffic jam on the city street, and misbehaved in the zoo where he went with the girl Lyalya. The actions of the double helped Vova understand a lot about himself when he saw himself from the outside. He asks the wizard to return "Vova II" to the portrait frame.


  • Andrey Bazykin as Vova/Vova II
  • Aleftina Evdokimova as Vova's mother
  • Oksana Simonova as Lyalya
  • Nikolay Gavrilov as Lyalya's grandfather
  • Felix Pantyushin as Bondarenko
  • Ira Kirichek
  • Natasha Rudnenok
  • Olya Pogorelova
  • Olya Grebenshchikova
  • Tanya Tishchenko
  • Lida Naumchek
  • Vera Kudinova
  • Sasha Fedyaev
  • Igor Tsulin
  • Ivan Postnikov
  • S. Statsenko
  • Aleksandr Alekseev
  • Nina Reus
  • Valentin Grudinin
  • Raisa Pirozhenko as Neighbor


  • Director: Yevgeni Sherstobitov
  • Writers: Zinoviy Gerdt, Mikhail Lvovskiy
  • Music: Mikhail Boyko
  • Director of Photography: Mikhail Chyornyj
  • Editor: Alla Golubenko
  • Production Design: Vitali Shavel
  • Sound: Leonid Vachi
  • Script Supervisor: Yekaterina Shandybina


After the completion of its theatrical run, no other exhibition attempts were heard of. The film was never broadcast on TV nor released on home video. At the moment, no reviews of the film have been found in the Soviet press (such as magazines and newspapers).

However, on May 11th, 2024, a Betacam SP videotape of this film was found, digitized and uploaded to the Russian torrent tracker "RuTracker.org".


The full film.

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