Interactive Buddy 2 (partially found iOS sequel to "Interactive Buddy" virtual pet game; 2012)

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Interactive Buddy 2 Logo.png

The game's app icon.

Status: Partially Found

Interactive Buddy 2 was a game developed and published by shock-value.[1] It was available on the iTunes App Store from December 17th, 2012[2] until Apple began replacing iTunes with the Apple App Store in 2018. It was advertised in the demo version of the game and on shock-value's YouTube channel and Facebook page in 2012-2013.[3][4] The game was last updated in 2013.[5]



iOS gameplay promo. The last video uploaded to the shockvaluegames channel.
Demonstration of the in-game shape creator.
Hardware test of the first interactive buddy game released at the same time. (Interactive Buddy Mobile is very similar to the flash release.)