Jaltoid Collaborations (partially found Jaltoid Media videos and LazyCast Podcast episodes; mid-2010s)

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Art from the first episode of LazyCast, one of two kinds of Jaltoid collaborations with DoopieDoOver and Jess

Status: Partially Found

Jaltoid is an internet animator couple (Dalton Joyce and Emi Kuc) known for creating very popular YouTube animations in the early 2010s, before shifting to a more let's play type of content with their Jaltoid Media channel in the mid-2010s, both channels having hundreds of thousands in subscribers.

Coinciding with that shift in content, Jaltoid started doing collaborative work with their friends DoopieDoOver and her former boyfriend and fiancé Jess, having made prior friendship as seen in the "What's This?" video on Doopie's channel.[1] Jaltoid created a podcast with the other, former couple called the LazyCast Podcast, where they'd discuss a plethora of subjects within a relatively brisk duration.

In addition to this, several of the let's play videos that were uploaded to Jaltoid Media also starred the former couple, being a very rare instance of having guests on beside Dalton and Emi. Jess made a few short solo videos that were joke reviews of games, similar to the concise reviews found on his own channel.[2] An entire series had Doopie endure the Moemon hack of a Pokémon game alongside Dalton and Emi whilst another covered Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy with alternation between her and Jess. There was also an additional episode of Jaltoid's Snipperclips playthrough that included both Doopie and Jess in that game's multiplayer.

The LazyCast Podcast came to a close after Season 3, put on indefinite hiatus with Jess suggesting that the group wasn't as passionate about it as they were before, with them now living with each other at the time and being busy working on their own projects.[3] At some point in early 2020, the podcast had mysteriously been taken off of YouTube, leaving its channel strangely desolate.[4] It soon became apparent that any video featuring Doopie and Jess on the Jaltoid Media channel had suffered the same fate. According to Doopie, the cast all had a falling out, just having to go their separate ways with no hard feelings about it.[5] Going through their Twitters would reveal allusions to something happening between them and Jaltoid behind the scenes (seen further by the Twitter accounts not following each other anymore) implying that it lead to Jaltoid removing any videos the couple and former couple made together, which doesn't quite make the "no hard feelings" part apt. Jess very much disagreed with this decision.[6] It was even reported that not only did Jaltoid delete most pictures of the former couple that were on their Twitter, but they went out of their way to DMCA an account that tried reposting those images whilst deleting the remaining photographic evidence of interaction with the former couple that the user had pointed out, specifically even referring to Doopie and Jess as "ex friends".[7]

A Google Drive archive reuploading LazyCast's content was promptly made available by Jess after he broke news on it being taken down, with pages relating to the podcast being edited to mention it.[8][9] But it is missing several episodes (oddly including episodes seven and nine of the third season that are available through the Soundcloud[10]) as well as the mostly Patreon-exclusive AfterCast. Only 2 episodes released public on YouTube amongst the regular episodes (when there happened to be an inability to deliver a new episode that week), so only patrons would have potential access to that content. To that degree, a special CD and flash drive for patrons happen to contain the entire first season including some of the missing episodes, which Jess also still has access to.[11] Podcast running gag Derek Eisen may have been one of those Patrons.

Jaltoid Media videos haven't got the same privilege as the LazyCast content, and are thus missing even more videos in the confines of YouTube reuploads, with not even their artistic thumbnails being entirely preserved.


LazyCast Podcast

This does not include the AfterCast episodes that weren't released publicly on YouTube.

Name Status
S01E05 (Scalping Games Triggers Me) Lost
S01E13-1 & S01E13-2 (Special Guest RubberNinja - Ross from GameGrumps) Partially Found
S01E14 (DoobieDoOver) Lost
AfterCast (Marry Fuck or Kill) Lost
ChickenCast Found
AfterCast 10 (Would you Rather??) Lost
S03E00 (Spin the Juice) Found

Jaltoid Media

Name Status
Jess (Montaro) Lost
Jess (Tap My Katamari) Found
Jess (Ocarina of Time) Found
TRY NOT TO DIE, IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE (Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped/N Sane Trilogy) Lost
OH NO COCO... (AKA DON'T F**K COCO... TOO HARD) (Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped/N Sane Trilogy) Lost
CAPTURING CUTE ANIME GIRLS?? SIGN ME UP!! (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Found
THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND... FLABTAN (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Partially Found
ROCK HARD PITAN... PEATAN? (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
OK, IT SHOULDN'T BE SO STRESSFUL... (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
GIVE US THE BOYS! (AKA WE KEEP GETTING TRAPS... NICE?) (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
LOOK AT HER OOZE (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
OH- THAT'S NOT MISTY... (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
CAN'T CONTAIN THE FLESH (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Found
BUTTERFREE IS A BABE! OK, I SAID IT! (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
are-you-kidding-im-done (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Found
SMOOTH SAILING!! 😎😎😎 (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
please-dont-its-a-dead-raticate (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
READY TO GET ALL WET RICKY?? (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
IF SHE'S THE QUEEN, CALL ME KING! (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
IT'S MOIST, AND DARK IN HERE... (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
ahh-spooky-ghosts-oh-we-goofed (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
EAT A FRICKING BURGER!! (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
OK, SERIOUSLY... MAKE UP YOUR MIND (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
we-didnt-win-the-powerball (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Lost
CAN'T CONTAIN THE EXCITEMENT (Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Mod) Found


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