Kaiketsu Zorori (partially found English dub of anime series; mid-2000s)

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Kaiketsu Zorori.jpg

DVD cover art.

Status: Partially Found

Kaiketsu Zorori (かいけつゾロリ, Incredible Zorori) is a popular Japanese children's book series created by Yutaka Hara and published by Poplar Publishing. The original books were adapted into an OVA, an animated feature-length film, an anime, and even a manga.

The first series of the anime, also titled Kaiketsu Zorori, is primarily based on the original books. It was also given an English dub produced by Red Angel Media which aired on Cartoon Network in the Philippines in 2010. The dub featured the voices of Russell Wait as the title character, Candice Moore, Muriel Hofmann, Michael Pizzuto, and Jack Murphy. Little footage of the dub is available online except for a promo.

The movie The Quest of the mysterious treasure also got a dub and aired in 2010 on the same channel. Only fragments of the dub of this movie are available and in very low quality:

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